Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Virtual Exhibit

The Santa Barbara County Genealogical Society is proud to announce the launch of the Santa Barbara Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage, 1870s-1970s Virtual Exhibit. This engaging online exhibit features the compelling stories of 26 local families, highlighting the culture, contributions, and experiences of Chinese, Filipino, and Japanese communities in Santa Barbara County.

Visitors can explore the rich histories of these families, whose narratives span from the 1870s to the 1970s. Each family’s unique story of resilience and cultural legacy offers a deep dive into the vibrant past of Santa Barbara’s AAPI communities. The virtual exhibit includes all the original families featured in the Society’s physical exhibit that was unveiled in 2023, along with new and expanded content for an even more comprehensive exploration.

“We are delighted to bring these important stories to a wider audience through our virtual exhibit,” said Ted Tazer-Myers, President of the Santa Barbara County Genealogical Society. “The history and contributions of Santa Barbara’s AAPI communities are integral to our county’s heritage, and we hope this exhibit helps preserve and celebrate their legacy for generations to come.”

This virtual format allows visitors to step into the past and experience the stories of Santa Barbara’s AAPI communities from the comfort of their homes. The exhibit is accessible online and serves as a testament to the significant impact these communities have had on the region.

Explore the Santa Barbara Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage, 1870s-1970s Virtual Exhibit, please visit this link.

Submitted by Robin McCarthy, courtesy of KEYT

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