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An angel is a supernatural being or spirit often depicted as benevolent who acts as a guardian spirit or a guiding influence.   That’s an apt description of our Book Angels, who donate funds to help us acquire books on our library’s genealogical “wish list.” 

These books have been identified by our Book Acquisition Committee, and the prices listed here are up to half off the purchase price. Some books may have already been purchased – but your donation still helps!  

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DONATE: 600+ Wills and Administrations of Belize, 1750-1800s (Murray, Sonia)
Book Angels

Compiled from Belize National Archives Registry, Private Records, Magistrate's Minutes, Emancipations, The End of Slavery, Baptisms 1868-1880, Family Records

Sonia Murray has devoted most of her adult life to the extraction and transcription of records pertaining to Belize (formerly British Honduras). In this, her fifth work of transcription, she has extensively researched the British National Archives at Kew, the Belize National Archives in Belize City, and the Belize City Registry as well as many other archives and private record collections.

DONATE: A Place Called Home (Santa Maria Times)
Book Angels
Historical and Nostalgic Memories that will bring you home to the Santa Maria Valley
Produced by the Santa Maria Times, this book has a variety of articles and history of the people and places of the Santa Maria Valley. 80 pages.

DONATE: African American News in the Baltimore Sun, 1870-1927 (Pagan, Margaret D)
African American
Book Angels

Genealogists searching for Baltimore connections will appreciate that Mrs. Pagan has included references to marriage license applicants and obituaries.  Among the more than 800 entries in this chronology, researchers will find references to James B. Parker, the African American who subdued Leon Czolgosz, President McKinley’s assassin; meetings of Baltimore’s Brotherhood of Liberty, the precursor to the Niagara Movement and founding of the NAACP; and efforts to install black teachers in Baltimore’s segregated schools for African Americans. For the researcher’s convenience, the author has included a comprehensive index to names and events referenced in her chronology. 

Black Regulars and Militiamen in the War of 1812
DONATE: Black Regulars and Militiamen in the War of 1812 (Johnson, Eric Eugene)
African American
Book Angels

The Black American soldier was a rarity between the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. When Congress passed the Militia Act of 1792, it required that “every free able-bodied white male citizen” join his state militia. It is implied that non-whites could not participate in the militia but it left open the possibility that non-whites could join the U.S. Army. The U.S. Army did permit Blacks to serve in the army, but only as cooks or officer’s servants between the two wars. Cracks in these restrictions appeared for a short time during the War of 1812. …

DONATE: German Immigrants in American Church Records (Minert, Roger)
Book Angels

The German Immigrants in American Church Records are very useful for family history researchers looking for a German immigrant who may have married, had children, or died somewhere in America. The 31,163 entry every name index makes the book easy to use! This is a 33-volume series. Other volumes include Wisconsin, Nebraska, Iowa, and more.

DONATE: Harvard Encyclopedia of American Ethnic Groups (Thernstrom, Orlov, Handlin)
Book Angels

From Acadians to Zoroastrians-Asians, American Indians, East Indians, West Indians, Europeans, Latin Americans, Afro-Americans, and Mexican Americans―the Harvard Encyclopedia of American Ethnic Groups provides the first comprehensive and systematic review of the many peoples of this country. It should excite all Americans about their nation.

Each ethnic group is described in detail. The origins, history and present situation of the familiar as well as the virtually unknown are presented succinctly and objectively. Not only the immigrants and refugees who came voluntarily but also those already in the New World when the first Europeans arrived, those whose ancestors came involuntarily as slaves, and those who became part of the American population as a result of conquest or purchase and subsequent annexation figure in these pages.

DONATE: List of Free African Americans in the American Revolution (Heinegg, Paul)
African American
Book Angels
North Carolina
Revolutionary War
South Carolina
Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland, and Delaware

Over 420 African Americans who were born free during the colonial period served in the American Revolution from Virginia. Another 400 who descended from free-born colonial families served from North Carolina, 40 from South Carolina, 60 from Maryland, and 17 from Delaware. Over 75 free African Americans were in colonial militias and the French and Indian Wars in Virginia and North and South Carolina. (Lest the reader be confused by the plural Wars, all the dynastic wars from the late 1600s through 1763 are collectively referred to as the French and Indians Wars.) …

DONATE: Map Guide to German Parish Registers (Hansen, Kevan M)
Book Angels

This is a series of 68 volumes for Germany and 14 volumes for Switzerland. Some of the cities covered are Braunschweig, Chemnitz, Halle an der Saale, Dortmund, and Erfurt.

Map Guide to Swiss Parish Registers, Canton of Graubunden
DONATE: Map Guide to Swiss Parish Registers (Hansen, Kevan M)
Book Angels

Unlike American genealogical research, where the place to search is usually a civil registration (city, county, and state), European research is usually related to an ecclesiastical jurisdiction. In 18th and 19th century Switzerland, one must search the parish registers for births, christenings, marriages, deaths and burials. The historic boundaries for the Swiss cantons and amtsbezirke are quite well defined, and this volume lays them out in map form. Listings are given for both Catholic and Protestant parishes, along with what records are available and where to access them. Contact information, and the municipalities covered by each parish is found, making your Swiss research much easier to accomplish.

This is a series of 14 volumes.

DONATE: New-England Runaways (Boyle, Joseph Lee)
Book Angels
New England

This is a five-volume series of colonial New England runaways, as identified in contemporary newspaper ads (covering the period 1704-1783). The majority of the persons in these compilations are runaway servants and slaves, as well as apprentices, military and naval deserters, horse thieves, counterfeiters, burglars, jail breakers, and murderers. A number of the runaways were skilled, including butchers, bakers, coopers, carpenters, joiners, farriers, paper makers, shoemakers, and tailors, no doubt reflecting New England’s more settled society. …

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The Society is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable California corporation. All gifts are deductible for personal or corporate tax purposes to the fullest extent of the law. Our federal tax identification number is 95-3080681.

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