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The Santa Barbara County Genealogical Society regularly produces two publications.

Tree Tips

Our monthly membership newsletter has articles, columns, and helpful information about Society activities. It previews the topic and speaker for each month’s membership meeting and includes a calendar of events. Current and past issues are available to members and non-members

Ancestors West

Subscriptions to Ancestors West are a benefit of Society membership, and are available digitally to view online by Society members here. Past issues are available in print to read or purchase at our Sahyun Genealogical Library.

Deadline for Ancestors West Articles August 1, 2023

Your submission in a Microsoft Word document can be from 500 to 2,500 words.

PDFs or files containing hyperlinks (e.g., Google Docs, websites, etc.) cannot be used.

Photos should be JPGs at high resolution and submitted separately.
After writing the story, wait a few days to see if you want to edit it before submitting it.  If your story involves other family members, get their input and then send the FINAL version!

Send to: Kristin Ingalls

The theme for the next issue is:

Each issue we give you a suggested theme, although all stories are welcome. Here are some ideas for the Summer issue of Ancestors West.

  • Naming traditions in your family or culture. There once was the tradition of naming the first son after his paternal grandfather; the first girl after her maternal grandmother. However, not all countries or cultures or religions follow these traditions. When researching your family, what naming traditions or patterns have you found? Have names helped or hindered your research?

  • Birthing customs and birth stories. Do you have ancestors born at home with a midwife present? What stories have been passed down in your family?

  • Farming and ranching stories. In 1800, farmers made up 90 percent of the American population. Colonial farmers were typically able to produce everything they needed for their survival including food, clothing, house furnishings, and farm implements.

    Most of us have had farming in our family history. Were your ancestors farmers when they emigrated, continuing that way of life here? Women’s roles on farms can be unusual. Many worked alongside the men in the fields, assisting harvest or calving and lambing seasons. I am sure we ALL have stories of farming and ranching. Please share them!

We eagerly await what you have to share. We welcome suggestions for future editions too.

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