Society Publications

The Santa Barbara County Genealogical Society regularly produces two publications.

Tree Tips

Our monthly membership newsletter has articles, columns, and helpful information about Society activities. It previews the topic and speaker for each month’s membership meeting and includes a calendar of events. Current and past issues are available to members and non-members

Ancestors West

Subscriptions to Ancestors West are a benefit of Society membership, and are available digitally to view online by Society members. Past issues are available in print to read or purchase at our Sahyun Genealogical Library.

Deadline for Ancestors West Articles October 31, 2022

The theme for the next issue is THREADS


Threads?? What kind of a theme is that? What image, idea, or memory does the word “threads” evoke?
Any of these?

Following a thread; tying up loose threads; hanging on by a thread; threading your way through; images of clothing, of occupations using thread; “it was like threading a needle;” weaving; the tapestry of life; the common threads that bind us together; the continuous thread of past and present; DNA threads; sewing bees; cotton plantations; threadbare furniture, carpets and possessions.

And lots more! Keep thinking – and then write your thoughts, stories, research, ideas. This is going to be a fun issue!

HEY — has this theme tied your brains in knots? We understand. If you have a good story on any subject at all, it will be welcome!

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