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    Special interest groups (SIGs) provide an opportunity for members with a common interest to meet regularly to share information, experiences, and stories. Some groups meet each month before the General Meeting, and some meet at other times at the Sahyun Library or on Zoom.

    All levels of genealogy ability are welcome.

    SIGs That Meet Before General Meetings

    These special interest groups meet on the third Saturday of each month from 9:30 to 10:25 a.m. immediately preceding the General Meeting at 10:30 a.m. Find the schedule in the  Events Calendar and Tree Tips newsletter.

    Want to join us? Contact the group moderator.

    Special Interest Group meeting at Santa Barbara Genealogical Society

    Ongoing General Interest Meetings

    Want to join us? Contact the group moderator.

    These groups meet in person or virtually on Zoom. Find the schedule and Zoom links in the Events Calendar and Tree Tips newsletter.

    Lunch & Learn

    Bring your genealogy problems and other topics for a lively group discussion.

    Meets monthly. Check the Calendar.

    Crowdsourced Brick Wall Help

    Have you hit a brick wall in your research? Need help solving a genealogical mystery in your family tree? Query the group – and be ready to offer your suggestions to fellow researchers.

    Meets monthly. Check the Calendar.

    DNA Lunch & Learn

    Recent DNA news is discussed and individual DNA research questions are answered. Bring your lunch.

    Meets monthly. Check the Calendar.

    African American Genealogy SIG

    Focuses on the history of Santa Barbara County’s African American community.

    Beginning Genealogy SIG

    Discover how to begin your family history search and learn about the benefits of Society membership.

    Civil War SIG

    Concentrates on the Civil War and the lineage societies associated with the Civil War.


    Strategies and tips for using DNA test results to help your genealogical research.

    Eastern European Ancestry SIG

    For those researching their ancestors of all religions in Eastern Europe – including Russia on the east; Poland, Czech Republic, and Hungary on the west; and the Pale of Settlement.

    Early California and Hispanic Genealogy SIG

    Concentrates on settlement in California by Native Americans, immigrants, explorers, soldiers, and pioneers, many of whom had ancestral roots in Spain, South and Central America, and Mexico.

    French-Canadian Genealogy SIG

    Focuses on exploring, learning, and sharing your French-Canadian ancestry.

    Genealogy Tips and Talk SIG

    How to use today’s technology – websites, software programs, blogs, and more – to solve genealogy problems.

    German Genealogy SIG

    Helpful ideas and resources for researching German ancestors.

    Irish Genealogy SIG

    Open to anyone who knows or thinks they might have Irish ancestry.

    Italian Genealogy SIG

    Welcome to anyone with Italian ancestry or an interest in Italian genealogy.

    Jewish Genealogy SIG

    If you’re interested in tracing Jewish ancestry, our monthly meetings are an opportunity to share information and tips.

    Scandinavian Ancestry SIG

    For members researching Scandinavian ancestry.

    Writing Support SIG

    For experienced writers, writers with major writing blocks, and beginners. All are welcome.

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