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    Welcome to the Santa Barbara County Genealogical Society’s official blog – a digital space where we embark on a journey to unravel the fascinating tapestry of our shared ancestry. We are thrilled to introduce not only our society but also a treasure trove of knowledge – the Sahyun Genealogical Library.

    State Census

    Between the Decades: Harnessing State Census Records for Genealogical Research

    While federal census records often grab the spotlight, state census records are hidden gems brimming with invaluable information for genealogists. Discover how to unlock their potential and enrich your family history research:

    Fill in the Gaps: Federal censuses are conducted every ten […]

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    Gamechanger: Searching Handwritten Text

    Have you heard about the new full-text search tool announced by FamilySearch at RootsTech? It searches selected handwritten document collections at FamilySearch. Currently, the collections include “U.S. land and probate records, some from the Freedmen’s Bureau, Mexican notarial records, and U.S. plantation records from the Records of Ante-Bellum Southern Plantations collection. This tool is a […]

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    Guided Research by FamilySearch

    Whether you are a beginning researcher or researching additional individuals in a complex tree, FamilySearch has a quick and straightforward way to access Birth, Marriage, and Death records for locales worldwide. It is “Guided Research.

    To access Guided Research, you first must have an account with FamilySearch. An account with FamilySearch is free with […]

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    New on the Shelves of the Sahyun Genealogical Library

    February 2024 – post written by Chris Klukkert –  Book Buy Chair

    As I write this the rain has come. We need the rain, and maybe it is as good an excuse as we need to expand our genealogy research.

    February is Black History Month, and coincidentally, I have been digging […]

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    Here’s your chance to find your ancestors in newspaper items and obituaries, is offering free access to their site Feb 16th to 19th

    The largest online newspaper archive, established in 2012. Used by millions every month in genealogy, historical research, family history, crime investigations, journalism and entertainment. Search for obituaries, marriage announcements, birth announcements, […]

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    Member Orientation a Huge Success

    On Saturday, February 3 the Society hosted a Member Orientation at the Sahyun Library, with nearly 30 new and returning members attending! The event provided members with an introduction the Society’s resources, including a tour of the Library, a presentation on subscription websites available to members, and valuable insights from key board members […]

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    How I Wrote About 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks

    Do you feel a need to jumpstart your genealogy? I had that very feeling at the end of 2021. I had done research for many years and compiled oodles of records and documents. I wrote up in some detail the lives of those ancestors who interested me and shared their stories with family […]

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    Monthly Meeting

    Have you made your New Year’s resolutions for genealogy, is one resolution or goal to organize your research, files and records? Well, you’re in luck because this month’s program is on just that, getting organized. Our monthly meeting is a hybrid, held on the 3rd Saturday of the month at First Presbyterian […]

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    Mining Old Issues of Ancestors West

    Before the days of the internet and genealogical databases, the volunteers of many genealogical societies worked hard to transcribe books, cemetery inscriptions, tax lists, court records, and many other groupings of names, dates, and places. Their contributions were enormous, and you can see these early efforts in any local genealogical newsletter from the 1990s going […]

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    Did You Know?

    Ancestors West…….

    Has been published quarterly by SBCGS continuously since 1974
    Articles are written by SBCGS members
    Contains articles on a variety of subjects and is not limited to California.
    All issues are available online and all are text-searchable.



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    Ancestry Family Tree – post written by SBCGS member Judy Thompson

    When sharing your genealogy research online, such as at, it is crucial to consider access and security. allows you to invite others to view your family tree, offering three roles: Guest, Contributor, or Editor, each with different permissions and […]

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    Stacks at the Sahyun Genealogical Library

    Welcome to Our Blog

    Santa Barbara County Genealogical Society: Connecting Generations, Building Legacies

    Founded on the principle that every family has a story worth preserving, the Santa Barbara County Genealogical Society (SBCGS) has been a beacon for genealogists and family historians since its establishment. Our mission is simple yet profound: to foster a community of individuals […]

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