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Welcome to the Santa Barbara County Genealogical Society’s official blog – a digital space where we embark on a journey to unravel the fascinating tapestry of our shared ancestry. Today, we are thrilled to introduce not only our society but also a treasure trove of knowledge – the Sahyun Genealogical Library.
Stacks at the Sahyun Genealogical Library

Welcome to our blog

Santa Barbara County Genealogical Society: Connecting Generations, Building Legacies

Founded on the principle that every family has a story worth preserving, the Santa Barbara County Genealogical Society (SBCGS) has been a beacon for genealogists and family historians since its establishment. Our mission is simple yet profound: to foster a community of individuals […]

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Santa Barbara County Genealogical Society Receives Proclamations

The proclamation from the city of Santa Barbara – honoring our 50th Anniversary and National Family Stories Month – was presented by Mayor Randy Rowse to our President, Art Sylvester, on November 15th at City Hall. Watch the presentation here.

Holly Snyder, Karen Ramsdell, Art Sylvester, Marie Sue Parsons, Mary Hall

The […]

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