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Ancestors West next issue’s deadline for articles is MAY 1st.

We suggest you write about your FAVORITE GENEALOGY STORY OR EXPERIENCE. We always welcome any story you wish to submit. If you have suggestions for future topics, please let us know. We’d love to have your input.

As a reminder, complete writing and submission guidelines are on the inside back cover of Ancestors West. Suggested length is from 250 to 2500 words. Longer pieces or serial pieces are also published. Submit your document in Word format if possible.

The images in general must be over 1 MB, and preferably over 2 MB, with good quality resolution (300 dpi) – clear and sharp to the naked eye when printed at a reasonable size (e.g., 3” x 4” – plus). Please include a caption for each picture, a photo credit or source, and insert the caption in the location in the document where it should appear. The images must be sent as separate files and not included within a Word file. If you need help scanning your images, please let us know.

We also would like the authors to include a photo and a brief biological note (two to three sentences).

 Please send your stories to Charmien Carrier, editor:

 To see digital issues of AW, from1974–Current, go to our website:  Ancestors West

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