Acknowledgements: African American Exhibit

A Special Thank You to our Participants and Organizations Who Helped Contribute to Our Exhibit:

Hattie Beresford
Kim Bluitt, Wilkes Family
City of Santa Barbara
Downey Family: Michael Downey, Michelle Downey Lawyer, Dawn Downey, William Downey, Jr., Wayne Downey, and Leslie Downey Moorman
Stephanie Farmer
Rev. Ficklin and Family
Isaac Garrett
Gledhill Library, Santa Barbara Historical Museum
Greater Hope Baptist Church
Ella Green
Green Family
Royal Kennedy
Alonzo and Abena King
Montecito Journal
Murphy Family
Pastor Roderick Murray, Friendship Missionary Baptist Church
Floyd Norman
Leticia Forney Resch
Melvin Richey
Rod Rolle
Sojourner Kincaid Rolle
Christine Simms
Second Baptist Church
Santa Barbara County Genealogical Society Record Collection
Santa Barbara Independent
Santa Barbara Public Library
UCSB Special Collections, CEMA
Wilbur Hopkins Tate
Wanda Thomas

A special thank you to our editors:
Laurie Hannah
Helen Rydell
Diane Sylvester

Cherie Bonazzola– Research, contacted and assisted families, created presentations
E. onja Brown– Selected and contacted featured families, assisted Outreach and families
Jeannine Fox– Research, assisted the Downey family, created presentations
Mary Jacob– Research, contacted and assisted families and churches, created presentations
Kate Lima– Research, assisted families, created presentations and introductions for the specialized section
Karen Ramsdell– Research, created presentation, assisted Outreach members
Holly Snyder– Outreach Chair, research, contacted and assisted families, created presentations, developed exhibit webpages.

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