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An angel is a supernatural being or spirit often depicted as benevolent who acts as a guardian spirit or a guiding influence.   That’s an apt description of our Book Angels, who donate funds to help us acquire books on our library’s genealogical “wish list.” 

These books have been identified by our Book Acquisition Committee, and the prices listed here are up to half off the purchase price. Some books may have already been purchased – but your donation still helps!  

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Map Guide to Swiss Parish Registers, Canton of Graubunden
DONATE: Map Guide to Swiss Parish Registers (Hansen, Kevan M)
Book Angels

Unlike American genealogical research, where the place to search is usually a civil registration (city, county, and state), European research is usually related to an ecclesiastical jurisdiction. In 18th and 19th century Switzerland, one must search the parish registers for births, christenings, marriages, deaths and burials. The historic boundaries for the Swiss cantons and amtsbezirke are quite well defined, and this volume lays them out in map form. Listings are given for both Catholic and Protestant parishes, along with what records are available and where to access them. Contact information, and the municipalities covered by each parish is found, making your Swiss research much easier to accomplish.

This is a series of 14 volumes.

DONATE: New-England Runaways (Boyle, Joseph Lee)
Book Angels
New England

This is a five-volume series of colonial New England runaways, as identified in contemporary newspaper ads (covering the period 1704-1783). The majority of the persons in these compilations are runaway servants and slaves, as well as apprentices, military and naval deserters, horse thieves, counterfeiters, burglars, jail breakers, and murderers. A number of the runaways were skilled, including butchers, bakers, coopers, carpenters, joiners, farriers, paper makers, shoemakers, and tailors, no doubt reflecting New England’s more settled society. …

DONATE: Our Quaker Ancestors (Berry, Ellen & David)
Book Angels
Since the book’s first publication in 1986 the digitization of records and the advent of the Internet have made Quaker resources far more widely available. This second edition is a welcome update to this valuable resource. While the background, organization, migration patterns, meeting records, and the methodological problems associated with the history and records of the Religious Society of Friends remain the same, Many Quaker organizations have a current website that lists their holdings, contact information, and maybe digitized records or PDF transcripts. Accordingly, this second edition includes a new section devoted to websites, as well as a new bibliography of online resources.

DONATE: Researching Your Slovenian Ancestors (Lapajne, Branka)
Book Angels
Eastern Europe

A definitive book on all aspects of researching Slovenian ancestors by a scholar and expert researcher. A must for anyone researching their Slovenian family.

DONATE: Scots-Irish Links, 1525-1825 (Dobson, David)
Book Angels
We have several of David Dobson’s booklets in our collection, but not until this volume do we have a complete collection. This consolidated edition improves upon the original booklets in a number of respects. These contents were originally published in 15 parts as follows: Scots-Irish Links, 1575-1725 (11 parts); Later Scots Irish Links, 1725-1825 (3 parts), and Scots-Irish Links, 1825-1900 (1 part). Staying abreast of announcements of all books in the series has posed a problem for some genealogists. There is now a full-name index to the back of each of these consolidated volumes, – assembling all the information in one convenient place. Finally, this consolidated work represents the single greatest compilation of the participants in the Plantation of Ulster and their descendants. 

DONATE: Shelby County, Iowa Cemetery Records (Smith, Diana Crisman)
Book Angels
From Cemetery Readings of Shelby County Copied by Graves Registration W.P.A. Project

During the 1930s, the Works Project Administration (WPA) contracted workers to complete a variety of tasks. In Iowa, projects were undertaken in most counties to record the occupants of the cemeteries in the county. These projects were then prepared and provided to local repositories for reference.

In this volume, the information from the 1930s WPA project has been arranged for ease of use and clarifies inconsistencies. Entries are grouped by cemetery and arranged alphabetically by surname. …

DONATE: The Militiamen of St. Louis & Ste. Genevieve 1779-1783 (Sjostrom , Fernandez de Mesa , Startz)
Book Angels
A Compilation of Original Militia Lists from the General Archive of the Indies of Seville, Spain

For anyone looking for their American Revolutionary War patriot in the Midwest region once known as the Spanish Illinois (today’s Missouri and surrounding areas west of the Mississippi River), this is the definitive source. In the American colonies, local militiamen formed the core of every town’s defense. The same was true for the Spanish province of Louisiana where the Crown did not have the financial means to provide enough regular army soldiers to defend such a vast territory. Local militias of Louisiana were therefore the mainstay of the colony’s military force. …

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The Society is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable California corporation. All gifts are deductible for personal or corporate tax purposes to the fullest extent of the law. Our federal tax identification number is 95-3080681.

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