DONATE: List of Free African Americans in the American Revolution (Heinegg, Paul)

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Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland, and Delaware

Over 420 African Americans who were born free during the colonial period served in the American Revolution from Virginia. Another 400 who descended from free-born colonial families served from North Carolina, 40 from South Carolina, 60 from Maryland, and 17 from Delaware. Over 75 free African Americans were in colonial militias and the French and Indian Wars in Virginia and North and South Carolina. (Lest the reader be confused by the plural Wars, all the dynastic wars from the late 1600s through 1763 are collectively referred to as the French and Indians Wars.) Although some slaves fought to gain their freedom as substitutes for their masters, they were relatively few in number; those who were not serving under their own free will are not included in this list. While the information on each of the free black veterans varies, in most cases the author has provided the individual’s name, state and county, unit served in, military theatre, some family information, often a physical description, pension applied for or received, sometimes other information, and the source.

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