Lineage Societies


Two visitors during Family History Month work with Sue and Alex on their Civil War lines.

What are Lineage Societies?
A lineage society is a group of individuals who have met the criteria of directly linking themselves to a specific ancestor with evidence to prove it There are First Family Societies, Victorian Family Societies, Civil War Societies, The Daughters of the American Revolution, and many more. For generations, family historians have been completing the necessary pedigrees and collecting proof to join these societies. Their work can be a hidden resource for our own family history research. To read more, go to this website: 
Children of the American Revolution
Mission Santa Barbara Chapter, or email senior president at
Stephen Eastin Society, Santa Maria,
Daughters of Union Veterans, Civil War 1861-1865
Laura Belle Stoddard Santa Barbara Tent #22.
Society of Mayflower Descendants-Santa Barbara Colony
Sons of Union Veterans, Civil War 1861-1865
Department of California and Pacific Camp 28
Sons of the American Revolution
Daughters of the American Revolution 
Mission Canyon Chapter -
Colonial Dames - California State Society
United Daughters of the Confederacy - Phoebe Yates Pember 2532
Los Californianos
The early Hispanic settlers of Alta California were called Californios or Californianos. Los Californianos was organized by their descendants to preserve the Hispanic heritage of Alta California (history, music, culture, infrastructure, etc.) and to help other descendants compile their Hispanic genealogy. To learn more about our activities click on this link. They include educational and entertaining speakers and tours and Californio culture and hospitality.
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