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Alberto Scudelari immigrated from Tremosine, Lonate Pozzolo and arrived at the Justinian Caire’s colony and cattle ranch on Santa Cruz Island  in 1885 at the age of 16, and worked 12 long years there.  (Justinian Caire owned Santa Cruz Island and the ranch on it for 50 years.)  While visiting Santa Barbara, Alberto dined at Francisco Miratti’s Italian Restaurant, and fell in love with the waitress, Teresa Erbetti, Mrs. Miratti’s sister, who had immigrated here from Lo Nate Pozzolo near Milan. He and Theresa married in 1897 and moved to dairy farm near Rincon Point, then served as the superintendent of the Nicolas Den Ranch in Glen Annie Canyon, until it was closed due to foreclosure.   In 1919, the Scudalaris were able to purchase 164 acres at the upper end of Patterson Avenue, for which they paid $14,000.   They raised peas, onions, other vegetables, but primarily walnuts, and had a large vineyard with a winery, which they operated until the advent of Prohibition.  They planted 30 acres in Zinfandel and Mission grapes from imported grape stock.
They had 3 children, Amelia, Eugene, and Lydia, and the ranch was in the family until 1958, when it was sold. 
In an article about Pioneer Goleta residents, daughter Amelia recalls her mother riding a horse to help the men round up cattle on the ranch, and later she worked at the ranch driving tractors, cutting lima beans, among other chores.  Kids would go out to the beach at what is now Campus Point to gather mussels and abalone and cook them in a large pot right there.  Amelia married Fred Acres, whom she met on a train ride to San Francisco in about 1916.  Fred and his brother Frank set up business in 1922 as the Goleta Garage and Machine Shop, located near Hollister and Fairview, where Goleta Electric is located.  They purchased all the old automobiles from the defunct Flying A Movie Studio (at Mission and State Street)
Daughter Lydia married John D. Ross, who later was the local sheriff.
 Source:   Goleta the Good Land, 1966, by Walker A. Thompkins