Carlo Alberto Adamoli was born on October 7, 1899 in Esino Inferiore, Italy. His father was Pietro Adamoli and he had two brothers, Mateo and Martino. He arrived in the US on December 12, 1907 on the ship, Europe. Carlo was a farmer in Lompoc.
Mateo Adamoli was born on September 8, 1895 in Esino Inferiore, Italy. He emigrated to the US from Havre, France on the ship, Turania- French Line, to New York City on September 20, 1912. He declared his intention for naturalization on June 1, 1917. Mateo was a farmer in Surf, Santa Barbara County.
“He was a Bugler, U.S. Army 362nd Infantry Regiment, 91st Infantry Division in France on the day of his death, September 27, 1918. He was laid to rest in Romagne, France, in Plot A Row 38 Grave 2, Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery. He was gone by the age of 23 leaving behind his father in Italy, a younger brother Martino living in Lompoc and an older brother Carlos in Guadalupe. The disposition of his mother at the time is currently unknown” (MarciaVierra42,, 2009).
Martino Adamoli was born on December 26, 1896 Esino Inferiore, Province of Como, Italy. According to a passenger list, his father was Pietro Adamoli. Martino emigrated to the US from Queenstown, Ireland on the ship, Rotterdam, and arrived at the port Halifax, Washington on November 11, 1913. Martino moved to Lompoc by 1918 and was a farmer. He declared his intent for naturalization in 1929 in Santa Barbara County and was living in Lompoc. He married Josephina who was born in Lompoc. Martino passed away in 1940 in Lompoc.
Giovanni Adamoli was born on April 16, 1885 Esino, Province of Como, Italy. He emigrated to the US from Germany to the port of Detroit, Michigan on November 14, 1913 on the ship, Rotterdam. In Santa Barbara, he worked as a baker.
Massimo Adamoli was born on August 31, 1896. According to the passenger list he was born in Tremenico, Lecco, Italy and traveling with father, Bortolo Adamoli. He immigrated to the US on February 3, 1913 on the ship, La Touraine. Massimo’s mother, Margherita Pandiani Adamoli and brother, Giovanni Adamoli, were already in the United States. Massimo came to Santa Barbara in 1922. Early on in his career, Massimo was a stonemason and cement finisher. Later in his career, he worked as a gardner at the McCormack estate. He also served in WWI with the US Army infantry and was a 53- year member of American Legion Post No. 49. In 1929, Massimo returned to Italy to marry his childhood sweetheart, Pasqualina Bonazzola of Sueglio, Lecco, Italy. Massimo passed away on August 3, 1974 in Santa Barbara.
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