John (b. 1860), James (b.1867), Pietro (b. 1871), followed sister Annette to the US.  She married James Jordano in 1889 in Turino, but died young in Goleta.  She had encouraged her 3 brothers to follow her to Goleta. The brothers arrived from Turino, Italy, in 1890, leased 144 acres in Glen Annie Canyon from Nicholas Den, and established a dairy herd, later converted to a walnut ranch, when they bought the land for $200 an acre. 
John remained a bachelor. James married Libera Constantino, and they had 4 children.  Pete married Margaret Mautino, and they also had 4 children.
Pete’s oldest Dominic (Dee) was the first Goleta rancher to fly his own airplane, and used the current location of Dos Pueblos High School as the site of his private landing strip and hangar in the 1920’s and 1930’s.  He also opened the first amateur radio station, connecting with ham radio stations all over the world, spreading “the name and fame” of Goleta’s Good Land.
The 3 brothers lived on their Glen Annie farm until 1916, the site of Colonel Hollister’s original barns and bunkhouses.
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