LARCO, Andrea (Andres, Andreas, Andrew) (1838-1911), born in Italy, immigrated to San Francisco in 1852 where he married Genoese-born Maria Cella (1843-1922), and began his career as a fisherman. He became naturalized as a US citizen January 30, 1869 in San Francisco. By 1874, he moved his family to Santa Barbara where he began business by selling his fresh catch door to door.

By the late 1880s, Larco had become the major figure in Santa Barbara’s growing fishing industry. Andre died at age 73 on February 28, 1911, and was survived by four sons, Sebastian, Frank, Ulpiano and Chico, all of whom carried on the Larco fishing business. He is buried with other family members at Calvary Cemetery mausoleum in Santa Barbara.

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