Cavalli, Giovanni (1873-1952)
Giovanni Cavalli was born in Italy on Sept. 15, 1873 to the Cavalli's (his mother's maiden name was Lazzarotto) He immigrated to the Unitd States in 1910 at the age of 27. He and his wife Paola (Paulina) lived in several locations in Santa Barbara, including Rattlesnake canyon. He started as a laborer, then owned the Foothill Dairy. He and his wife had 6 children. Their daughter, Ernestine, married Aladino Boccali in 1934. She worked as a meat wrapper for Jordano's Grocery on the LaMesa. Their son, Antonio, took over the family business of the dairy and it was renamed the Cavalli Brothers Dairy. Giovanni died on Jan. 2, 1952.