Enrico Favro was born in Mattie di Susa, Italy on June 7, 1885. His father was Giovanni Favro and mother was Dominica Tonda. He arrived at New York on the ship La Provence on March 12, 1910. When he declared his intention to become a US citizen on February 8, 1922, he was a laborer. He attended evening school and obtained a Certificate of Citizenship Training on September 4, 1924.  He petitioned Superior Court for naturalization, and was it was granted on April 3, 1924. He was then a gardener. See his naturalization documents here.
According to the witnesses who attested to Enrico Favro's residence in the US, Favro was in Renton, Washington from around 1912 to 1921 before he came to Santa Barbara. These witness-friends were Stefano Tonda, a laborer, and Fred Anardi, an engineer both of Renton, WA.  Witnesses for his petition for naturalization in Santa Barbara were Lee Dexter Barnard, a title examiner, and Antonio Da Ros, mason both in Santa Barbara. He married Eugenia Paris who was also from Mattie di Susa, Italy.
He died on November 7, 1966 a widower and is buried at Calvary Cemetery. He was a retired gardner.