Dal Bello

Angelo Dal Bello and Maria Ceccato Dal Bello
Angelo Dal Bello was born January 8, 1896 in Crespano del Grappa, Italy to Giovanni and Giovanna Favero Dal Bello.  Angelo’s wife, Maria Ceccato, was born in Crespano del Grappa, Italy December 3, 1897.  In 1930, Angelo, his wife, Maria, and their sons Francesco (Frank), age 10, and Guido, age 4, emigrated to the U.S. and settled in Santa Barbara. 
Angelo worked as a gardener on the McCormack, Knapp, and DuPont estates in Montecito before starting his own business. He was a member of Sons of Italy and Maria, a homemaker, was a member of the Sons of Italy Auxiliary and a member of Our Lady of Guadalupe Church.  Angelo passed away on June 18, 1958 in Santa Barbara.  Maria passed away on July 30, 1977 in Santa Barbara.
Francesco (Frank) and Guido (Paul) Dal Bello
Frank carried on his father’s occupation as landscape gardener on many of the estates in Montecito. During World War II, Frank served as a Sargeant in the Army Air Force. Frank married Dorothy Marostica and they had one daughter, Joan.  In 2001, Frank passed away in Santa Barbara, California.  He was a long-time member of the Sons of Italy, Italia Nuova Lodge.
Guido graduated from Santa Barbara High School and, in 1950, he earned a degree in Social Sciences at the Santa Barbara College of the University of California.  Guido eventually became a principal with the Santa Barbara School District. He married Janet Louise Trittschuh in Santa Barbara in 1953.  Guido and Janet had two children, Anne and Paul.  When Guido filed his petition for Naturalization in 1961, he petitioned to change his name to Paul Guido Dal Bello.  Paul passed away in 2011 in Monterey County, California.