Bonazzola, Marcellino Ambrogio (1873-1958)
Known as Ambrogio, he was born October 12, 1873. He arrived at Ellis Island, May 1, 1908 on the Lusitania. He was accompanied by his wife, Theodolinda Pandiani Bonazzola. She was born August 22, 1881 in Sueglio. They married on.... On the same boat, were future Santa Barbara immigrants, Domenico Goggia, and Natale and Francesca Bazzi.They first settled in Monessen, Pennsylvannia. Ambrogio worked as a bricklayer for Pittsburgh Steel Company. They moved to Santa Barbara in 1922. Ambrogio worked as a stonemason. He helped rebuild the Mission tower that was destroyed in the 1925 earthquake.
Naturalization Certificate of Ambrogio Bonazzola issued July 26, 1915
This naturalization certificate shows Ambrogio Bonazzola as 41 years old, his wife Theodolinda age 33, and children Guido 5, and Lindo 2 all living in Monessen, Pennsylvania.