Borgatello Family

Secondo Borgatello [from his tombstone on]
The first members of the Borgatello family to come to Santa Barbara were Secundo and Guiseppa Borgatello. Secundo was born on May 17, 1887 in Montebello, Moferatio, Italy. His parents were Carlo and Carolina Borgatello. He died in St. Francis Hospital, Santa Barbara at age 31 of influenza, pneumonia and emphyzema on December 16, 1918 during the Spanish Flu epidemic. When Secundo died in 1918, Giuseppa, now called Josephine, at age 30 was left with these five children to raise.  Mario had just been born in April 1918 and was 7 months old

Five children were born to this couple: Charles[Carlo], Augustine[Augusta], Laura, Ida and Mario. 
In the 1920 Census, the family was living on Cota Lane in Montecito's Spanishtown. 
1920 Santa Barbara, California Census for Borgatello Family
Pictured above is the 1920 US Santa Barbara, CA Census
Guiseppa [Josephine] was born in S. Marzanotto, Italy on May 2. 1889. Her parents were Felice Prato and Prosperina Bagna. According to her Declaration of Intention dated September 12, 1938, she and Secundo immigrated from Le Havre, France on the USS Provence on March 4, 1911 headed for Santa Barbara, California. They landed in New York on March 11, 1911. 
Mario Felix Borgatello was 18 when he and his brother, Charles, began picking up garbage and recycling neighborhood waste as a way to feed the family's farm animals. Their business became Channel Disposal and later Marborg Industries. 
Today, Marborg Industries is a multifaceted business stretching from San Ardo in Monterey County to Simi Valley in eastern Ventura County encompassing trash hauling, recycling, portable toilets and even fencing. The name Marborg is named after Mario Borgatello.