Charles Enrico Miratti was born on May 1, 1892 in Lonate Pozzolo, Italy. He immigrated to the US on September 9, 1906. He enlisted in the US Army on October 4, 1917 and was honorably discharged on April 15, 1818 having served in Co E, 160th Infantry.
He first petitioned for Naturalizaton on April 5, 1919 with Angelo Miratti and Henry Vizzolini as witnesses and was naturalized on September 2, 1921.
See Charles Enrico Miratti's immigration record here.
Newspaper photo of Louis Miratti.
Luigi (Louis) Miratti was born on September 21, 1862 in Milan, Lonate Pozzolo, Italy. He arrived in New York about 1885 at age 24 after serving in the Italian Army for 3 years.
For 3 years he worked on Santa Cruz Island. In 1887 he married Clementine Vizzolini who was also from Milan, Italy where they had been engaged. 
Mr. Miratti established 2 restaurants at the same time, Castle Rock at Haley and State Streets and the Olympic at Cota and State Street. He owned and operated them until 1912. He bought a controlling interest in the Sterling Drug Company, then at 609 State Street. In time he changed the name to Santa Barbara Drug Co. as there was another drug store named Sterling. 
In 1920 Mr. Miratti and his 2 sons, Charles and Louis Jr., established the Columbia Drug Co. at 1036 State St. where the Montgomery Ward Store was. He retired in 1929. 
For some years he operated the Miratti House at 525 Anacapa Street, where he and his wife took roomers. They moved to 122 E. Victoria Street in 1908.
Music was his hobby, and he enjoyed classical music. He was a charter member of the Italian Society of Santa Barbara, formed some 50 years ago. Angelo Miratti, a nephew, was the only surviving charter member after Louis' passing.  Mr. Miratti was also a member of the Knights of Columbus, the Elks Club and the Foresters of America. 
Louis' brother, Frank, came to Santa Barbara from Milan several years after Louis did and operated a Goleta Ranch for many years. 
Louis (Luigi) Miratti died on February 8, 1950 at age 87. He is buried at Calvary Cemetery.  He was a well-known restauranteur and businessman
See his naturalization document here.
Louis Miratti photo is from the Santa Barbara Newspress in his obituary published 2/9/1950.