Pagliotti Family

Mr. & Mrs. Antonio (b.1848) Pagliotti and their children came from Rivarolo Canavese in about 1890
Joseph, b. 1879, married Carlotta Cavaletto
Peter was born on 5 Jul 1881 in Rivarolo Canavese and married Savina Albertoni
Katherina married G.B. Cavalletto
John was born on 20 Oct 1886 in Rivarolo Canavese and married Mary Mautino.
A fifth child, James Pagliotti, was born in Goleta, in 1891, and married Esther Brous. 
Frank Pagliotti was born on 7 Dec 1885 in Rivarolo Canavese, Italy. 
Antonio Pagliotti bought the Tom Lillard farm in the foothills north of Fairview Avenue, and the families, parents and sons lived there for many decades doing general farming. 
“John got his first job from Superintendent Robert Main on the Bishop Ranch as a walnut picker, receiving $20 a month.  Later he worked a thirteen-acre ranch which his parents bought from Sheriff Tom Hicks on upper Fairview Avenue.  He died late in 1965, at the age of seventy-nice, from injuries incurred when he fell off a ladder while picking oranges at his home place, which occupied the extreme northwestern corner of Daniel A. Hill’s old Goleta land grant.” (Goleta the Good Land.)
James was a lifelong resident of Montecito, and for 40 years before his death in 1952, at age 60,he was in the employ of Mrs. Hattie Danielson in Montecito.
Joseph died in 1952, after having been a veteran Goleta rancher.
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