Dr. Julio Bortolazzo

Santo Bortolazzo and his wife Vitoria Reccanello immigrated from Crespano Del Grappa to the United States in 1910.  Santo was born on September 19, 1884 to Giovanni Bortolazzo and Pierina Perocco. Vitoria was born on September 28, 1886 to Luigi Reccanello and Margherita De Rossi. 
After arriving in Santa Barbara, Santo worked as a gardener on a private Montecito estate.  In April 1917 filed his Declaration of Intent for U.S. citizenship, becoming a naturalized citizen in 1923. Santo and Vitoria had two children, Julio Laurence and Lina.  Julio went on to receive his PhD from Harvard and was a pioneer in California’s community college system, including Santa Barbara City College.  Lina died in 1947.  Dr. Julio Bonolazzo passed away in 2006.
Vittoria passed away on January 11, 1932 at the age of 45. The Bortolazzo’s owned a home on S. Voluntario Street in Santa Barbara and owned Bortolazzo Grocery at 1101 Cacique Street.  In 1952, Santo relocated to San Mateo to live with his son Julio.  Santo died on May 18, 1962 in San Mateo, California. He was a member of Sons of Italy and Societa Italiana.
Dr, Julio Bortolazzo
Photo courtesy of  Photograph Library Project (PHLIP), College of San Mateo