Bianchin, Orlando

Orlando Incento Bianchin was born on May 24, 1882 in Del Grappa, Italy and emigrated to the United States in 1908. Orlando settled in Thurber, Texas where worked as a coal miner. By 1910, 500 Italian and more than 100 Polish coal miners -- worked there at the height of the coal boom.
Luigia “Louise” Andreatta was born at Sao Paulo, Brazil on December 8, 1897. It appears that, as a child, her family returned to Crespano Venetto, Italy. In 1912, at the age of 15, she immigrated to the United States from Italy. The ship manifest notes her destination as Thurber, Texas.
Orlando married Luiga “Louise” Andreatta June 9, 1913 in Thurber and their sons Gurreno (Reno) and Eugenio (Eugene) were born there.  In Thurber, both Polish and Italian immigrants lived on Hill Number 3. The railroad tracks to the mines bisected the hill, with the Polish living on the south side, Italians on the north. The Italians even segregated themselves within their own community according to their place of origin in Italy.
The mines ceased operation in 1921 due to the discovery of oil and the town was virtually abandoned by 1933.  After 1921, the family moved to Chicago, Illinois where their son Giovanni and daughter, Ida, were born.  The family moved to Santa Barbara in 1931.  Louise filed her Declaration of Intention in 1936.
In 1942, when Orlando registered for the draft, he indicated he was working and living on Rancho La Patera, employed by Sherman P. Stow.  He was also a gardener and long-time employee of the Scudelara Ranch in Goleta.  Orlando passed away on October 22, 1972 and Louise passed away on May 7, 1974.  Both are buried at the Carpinteria Cemetery.
Orlando’s and Louise’s sons Reno and John remained in Santa Barbara and Carpinteria for the rest of their lives and were active in local service clubs. Eugene left Santa Barbara for many years but returned in the early 1980s.  All three served in the military during World War II.  Ida briefly married into another Santa Barbara Italian family, the Reginatto’s.  She moved from Santa Barbara it the early 1980s.