Cammillo Fenzi Franchesch(1889 - 1924)
was born in Florence, Italy on May 2, 1889 as Cammillo Fenzi, the son of Emanuele Orazio Fenzi later known as Dr. Francesco Francheschi. More can be read about Dr. Francheschi here. He arrived in Ellis Island, NY on the ship La Bretagne on September 10, 1899 according to his Declaration of Intention (to become a US citizen) dated February 14, 1913. and that his last foreign residence was Livorno, Italy. His occupation at age 23 was a landscape architect. See his immigration/naturalization papers here.  The Certificate of Arrival states that the date of his arrival was Apr 3, 10 [sic] on the vessel Principe de Piemonte. He became a naturalized US citizen on July 5, 1918.