Craviotto Family in Santa Barbara

Antonio Craviotto immigrated to the U.S. in 18??. He was one of the first Italians to come to Santa Barbara in the mid-1800s. Antonio began in the agricultural industry. His son, Frederico "Fred" Craviotto, used to farmland in the Hope Ranch area. In 1915, Fred's son E.J. Craviotto, a 22-year-old blacksmith, purchased a plot of land and opened his own ironworks, Craviotto Brothers, at Anacapa and Ortega Streets. The business was known for fixing buggies, carriages, and later, bodywork on automobiles; he also designed and built decorative gates for Montecito mansions. In 1958, E.J. he retired and let his two sons, Charles and Daniel, take over the day-to-day operations of Craviotto Brothers. What was affectionately called "The Shop" became known for its decorative ironworks, and for designing and installing many of the iron railings throughout Santa Barbara, for over 85 years.
Antonio and Dolores (Buelna) Craviotto-
Antonio was one of the first Italian immigrants to arrive in Santa Barbara County.
Courtesy of The Craviotto Family Archives