Below are links to descriptions and examples of the local records
digitized and indexed that are included in our Local Record indexes.
Birth Records - Church Records - baptisms and marriages from All Saints By The Sea Episcopal Church in Montecito. 
Court Records range from Miscellaneous Court Minutes, Judgments, Guardianship, and Probate Records to Collateral Inheritance Tax Records. Search the database.
Santa Barbara County Sheriff Arrest Books - This book was a Record of Criminals kept by M. N. Hicks of the Sheriff's Department beginning July 1898 and continuing until September 1911.
Death Records - Included are Burial Permits 1889-1932, Santa Barbara City Returns of Death 1904-1905, Obituaries from about 1950 to the present day, and Coroner's Reports.
Squirrel Liens  - Sample document.  When the County Supervisor notified a landowner or occupant that squirrels must be eradicated from the property, a lien on the property was filed for the expense of the County having done the work in the event the owner neglected to do the work within the allotted time. 
Marriage Records - All Saints by the Sea Episcopal Church in Montecito and early county records dating from 1850 to around 1914. Early records were made by the Mission's Franciscan and Jesuit Friars and are line entries. 
Miscellaneous Records include preemption land claims filed by prospective buyers establishing their first right to purchase a property. Some legal descriptions may state the names of adjoining property owners.
Mortuary Records - 1914 to 1976
Naturalization records - 1852 to 1924. These records include Repatriation, Petitions, and Declarations of Intention.
Collateral Inheritance Tax Records - These range in date from 1905 to 1909. Each record can contain the heir's names, relationship to the deceased, residence, and value of the estate.
Guest Books - La Ladera home owned by John Langdon Erving and the San Marcos Trout Club owned by William Mellinger, MD.
Wills - An index of original Wills held by the Gledhill Library at the Santa Barbara Historical Museum.