Guest Books:

La Ladera in 1921 was located on East Valley Road near or on the corner of Buena Vista Ave. in Montecito. The owner of the residence was John Langdon Erving.  Mr. Erving, who went by the name of J. Langdon Erving, was a farm manager and may have worked on the Crocker-Sperry Ranch across from his home on East Valley Road.  He was from Rye, New York and had served in the Spanish-American War of 1898 for 6 months before mustering out in November 28, 1898 as a Corporal.  

In the guest book of La Ladera are signatures and dates of many friends and family visiting from the East Coast. The first entry is 14 April 1914, and the last entry is dated Feb 22nd 1931 with this comment: "A momentous occasion! Washington's birthday . . . and the first to have the honor of signing their names in the lovely new house." There were no entries after that date. In the 1930 US Census for Santa Barbara, the family is living at 75 Hill Rd., rented, one servant. In the 1932-33 City Directory, the Ervings are living on the La Fuente Estate, 110 Las Tunas Rd. Mr. Erving died in 1933 in Santa Barbara, CA.

Thanks go to Susan Lundt for scanning the book and to JoAnn Treloar for indexing it.  See a sample page here.


San Marcos Trout Club

In the early 1920s, William J. Mellinger, MD, one of the initial founders, built a small cabin known as the Stone House. He and his family spent long weekends camping and hosting friends from Santa Barbara and many different states. The cabin was small. Guests slept outside relishing the experience. The fishing holes, cookouts, storytelling, and cactus garden were all part of the adventure. After the 1925 earthquake, Mellinger built a bigger house on another lot using wood and old doors from the Arlington Hotel. This house was originally called "Out-of-Doors." 

The Mellingers kept a Trout Club guest book in the 1930s. It is a treasure trove of fun comments from visitors and party goers.

This is an example of one of the pages.