Blogs by Society Members

Listed here are blogs written by our SBCGS society members. Most of them are genealogy related but we have included those that are not because our members have many interests besides genealogy and we'd like to share those here.
If you have a blog and would like it listed here please email our webmaster.
Our Family:  The Baskins and related families

The Olney Mysteries and The Bradbury Mysteries

Sassy Jane Genealogy  The focus is on tips to organize and simplify genealogy research, using techniques from my career in special collections and archives to help readers organize and simplify family history research. I also include my own research in Prussia, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Scotland, England, and the US. 
Missing Ancestors  Dorothy's blog about those elusive ancestors she'd like to find.
Jane Honikman - describes Jane's journey from a personal experience to a career in maternal mental health.  It contains a blog where she posts additional updates and related stories. 
Norma Eggli - I began teaching computer courses for SBCC Continuing Education (CE or Noncredit) in Spring 1992. I teach classes for CE, CLL (Center of Lifelong Learning) as well as some credit courses for Santa Barbara City College. It seemed natural to combine my love of genealogy with my computer knowledge to start teaching a genealogy class that deals with the use of the computer to do genealogy. So in 2011, I started teaching Genealogy Goes Digital which is usually offered in the Spring term.
Elizabeth O'Neal - Heart of the Family - My goal is to help you find creative, time-saving, low-cost ways to discover your ancestors and make the past a part of your present.
Goleta History - A history blog by Tom Modugno.