Favorite Dutch Research Sites

Most, if not all, sites are in Dutch.  But if you copy the Dutch text and paste into Google "Translation," it will translate very well into English. Do not be discouraged, it can be translated. 
$ WieWasWie is the successor of the popular Dutch site Genlias
This is the largest genealogy database in the Netherlands.  
An Engish version is planned for the future
Nationaal Archief
The Netherlands National Archives (select English)
Archivenet is a search device for links to the the websites of all the archives in the Netherlands and Flanders
Digital Resources Netherlands and Belgium
This is a portal that provides links to records that are available online
Trace your Dutch Roots
Your Dutch genealogy guide.
Family name database
Database of Surnames in the Netherlands (select English)
Wat Was Waar
What Was Where.  This site has digitized plot maps, and images.
Het geheugen van Nederland.
The Memory of the Netherlands is an image library (select English, bottom right corner)
Links to individual family trees. Dutch only.
$$ Online Dutch genealogy shop. DVDs for sale.
New Netherland (New York) Genealogy
More Dutch Research Genealogy Websites:
Yvette's Dutch Genealogy.  This site helps people of Dutch descent research their Dutch ancestors.
Many articles explain the research opportunities in the Netherlands, both offline and online. Other articles give background information about Dutch history in general and emigration in particular. Also, some primary sources you can use for your research are provided. Special attention is given to online research, with many links to useful websites.
Dutch Google
Library of Congress; The European Reading Room
The Nationaal Archief; (Dutch National Archives) is the “national memory” of the Netherlands.
Centraal Bureau voor Genealogie; (Central Bureau for Genealogy) - CBG
Noord-Hollands Archief (province Noord-Holland)
Nationaal Archief (province Zuid Holland)
Het Utrechts Archief (province Utrecht)
Tresoar (province Friesland)
Groninger Archieven (province Groningen) –RHC
AlleGroningers; database for researching your ancestors from Groningen.
Historisch Centrum Overijssel (province  Overijssel) - HCO
Drents Archief (province Drenthe)
DrenLias; database of the Drents Archief for researching your ancestors from Drenthe.
Erfgoedcentrum Nieuw Land (province Flevoland) 
Brabant Historisch Informatie Centrum (province Noord-Brabant) - BHIC
Gelders Archief (province Gelderland)
Regionaal Historisch Centrum Limburg (province Limburg) - RHCL
Zeeuws Archief (province Zeeland)
The City Archives for Amsterdam
The Hague (den Haag); genealogy research for the city of the Hague
Digital cemetery database for the Northern part of the Netherlands
National Archief Nederlandse Antillen – Nationaal Archief Curaçao
Ministry of defence