St. Francis Hospital School of Nursing

The following is copied exactly as printed in the Antidote 1929 St Francis Hospital School Nursing Yearbook....
"In 1908, eight sisters left Joliet, Illinois, for Santa Barbara, purchasing on their arrival with borrowed money, the Quiesesana hospital and sanitarium, which is now the building occupied by this hospital as a nurse’s home.  They soon had a growing hospital but lacked financial backing, and were it not for the aid of the Franciscan Fathers, and assistance from the St. Joseph’s Hospital, of San Francisco, they would have been destitute.
The sisters had the will to persevere. They determined to place the institution in the first rank.  “Service” was the watchword. It was a bitter and sometimes apparently a losing fight. Bit by bit the community saw the work of charity and care for the sick and rallied to the help of the Sisters.
With the aid, in part, of the public, in September, 1923, a new Saint Francis Hospital was finished. On that morning, never to be forgotten by those who were in Santa Barbara, June 29, 1925, the new building, less than two years old was twisted and shattered. Not a patient was injured. The building was damaged beyond a point of safety, and it was necessary to erect anew. At that time the Sisters had an indebtedness, on the cost of the building, of over $100,000.00. The general Relief Committee, from the funds raised throughout the state and in Santa Barbara, recognizing the work of charity and mercy of the Sisters, allocated of the funds raised, the sum of $220,000.00 toward the erecting of a new hospital. During the construction of the hospital, in order that the patients might have care and attention in the old nurse’s home, the Sisters expended $30,000.00 in reconstructing the old hospital into a temporary hospital, all of which was devoted to hospital work.  The Sisters slept in rows in the garage and under the porches of the hospital, and it was necessary actually, in times of rain, for them to maintain umbrellas over their beds. Such is the spirit of Saint Francis Hospital.
The cost of the present hospital exceeded the funds available. Unsolicited  gifts from the public, gifts from other hospitals of the same Order, all recognized the need of a hospital in Santa Barbara, with the Sisters, pledging their credit and resources, together with the money from the Relief Committee, have made possible the building of this hospital. A heavier debt than before the earthquake exists on the hospital, but with confidence in the patronage of the community, and its god will, the Sisters bravely approach the future."
Below is a list of graduates of Saint Francis School of Nursing. It is not a complete list, the names are from year books, The Antidote,  for 1929, 1930 and 1931 and an alumni list contained in the 1929 yearbook. These yearbooks have been scanned, if you would like a copy of an image please contact our Research Team
Surname Married name First name Grad Yr. Home Town
Aloysiana (Sister) M. 1914  
Ammons   Esther Lee 1929 Santa Paula
Angela (Sister) M. 1914 Santa Barbara
Arbeiter   Josephine 1917  
Ardeiter   Mary 1912 Santa Clara
Bashford   Winifred 1926 Santa Barbara
Bell   Esther   1931  
Benthall   M. 1930  
Benthall Reuter Mary 1925 Santa Barbara
Brothers   Marjorie 1925 Santa Barbara
Callahan   Catherine   Santa Barbara
Campiglia   Josephine 1929 Santa Barbara
Carrothers   Hazel 1929 Ventura
Carter Guilfoyle Margaret 1920 Los Angeles
Cavalleri   P. (?) Adm. Santa Barbara
Cavalli   Genevieve 1928 Santa Barbara
Chauvel   Susan 1927 Santa Barbara
Chisholm   R. Adm. Santa Barbara
Clark Tompkins Helen 1910 Santa Barbara
Clementina (Sister) M. 1921 Santa Barbara
Coldren   B. 1930  
Collins Collins Kathleen 1925 Santa Barbara
Cook   Crescence 1919 Santa Cruz
Cross   Phyllis 1931  
Daly   Mary Elizabeth 1929 Lompoc
Delphina (Sister) M. 1914 Elgin, Ill
Doherty   Rose 1919 San Mateo
Donovan   J. 1930  
Emmanuella (Sister) M. 1913 San Francisco
Farrellev   Anna 1931  
Feeley Stenson Cecelia 1926 Santa Barbara
Fina (Sister) M. 1919 Santa Barbara
Fisher McCormick Aletha 1918 Hollywood
Foster Foster Anna 1918 Santa Maria
Fremouw   B. 1930  
Gahwolf   Margaret 1931  
Garrigue de la   M. 1930  
Grisingher   T. 1930  
Guerra   Rene 1929 Lompoc
Gutierrez   Theresa 1919 Santa Barbara
Hansen   Eveline 1931  
Harrison Warren Frances 1925 Santa Barbara
Henrika (Sister) M. 1914 Danville, Ill
Horning   Mildred 1927 Santa Barbara
Hourthan   Nellie 1926 San Luis Obispo
Hughes Spring Ellen 1921 San Luis Obispo
Jacobs Bennet Anna 1912 Santa Clara
Jaeger   Kate 1928 Santa Barbara
Johnson   Ollie May 1929 Oxnard
Johnson   Mary   1931  
Kelley   Alice 1926 Los Angeles
Klaren Couture Elizabeth A. 1916  
Laubacker   Marcella 1931  
Liebermann   Agnes 1925 Santa Ana
Lord   Helen 1920 Santa Barbara
Lord   H. Supt Santa Barbara
Lutz (Sister) M. Bertha   Los Angeles
Lyne   Rosemary 1928 Santa Barbara
Lyttle   Ethel 1931  
Magni   Alice 1927 Santa Barbara
Maloney Maloney Minerva 1910 San Francisco
Marcianna (Sister) M. 1914 San Francisco
Marks   Lillian 1931  
Martin   Dorothy 1924 Santa Barbara
Mautino Perello Clara 1921 Santa Barbara
Mayo   E. 1930  
Meck   Viola 1931  
Merkel (Sister Superior) Mary 1912 Santa Barbara
Mlynek   Emm 1927 Santa Barbara
Muller (Sister) Hedwig M. 1922 Los Angeles
Nidever   Anna 1910 Honolulu, T. H.
Obiols Peterson Inez 1928 Santa Barbara
Ortega Reedy Frances 1924 Santa Barbara
Ortega Miller Julia   Santa Barbara
Otero   Mary Elizabeth 1929 Santa Barbara
Paulus   Alma 1928 Santa Barbara
Petronella (Sister) Mary 1911 Chicago, Ill
Rezzonico   Elvezia 1929 Santa Barbara
Roderick   Ruth 1929 San Bernandino
Rowe   Barbara 1926 Goleta
Ruffner Donnelly Grace  1911 Santa Barbara
Salvatora (Sister) M. 1913 Joliet, Ill
Scholl Humpheries Theresa 1921 Santa Barbara
Schuster   H. 1930  
Scott   Nora 1929 Edinburgh
Shea Parks Catherine 1915 Goleta
Sheehan   Mae 1925 St. Louis , Missouri
Sota Scholl Josephine 1916 San Luis Obispo
Stauble   H. 1930  
Stein Peck Bertha 1912 Santa Barbara
Thompson   B.A. Adm. Santa Barbara
Treboal   M. 1930  
Van Clief   Mildred 1926 Lompoc
Vitalis (Sister) M. 1922 San Francisco
Walker   C. 1930  
Wassermann   Clara 1929 Falda, Germany
Wenzi   I or L Adm. Santa Barbara
Willson Willson Maude 1928 Santa Barbara
Wright Steret Alice 1925 Pomona
Zwimpfer   Helen 1929 Santa Barbara
Zwinglas   C. R. Adm. Santa Barbara