Santa Barbara Newspaper Extracts Index 1868-1875


In an attempt to help those searching for genealogical information in the 1870's in the southern part of Santa Barbara County, we have indexed and extracted such information from several of the newspapers which were in print during that time frame in the city of Santa Barbara.

These early newspapers have been microfilmed from the originals and are located at the Santa Barbara Public Library. In some cases the original newspapers are located in the Bancroft Library, University of California at Berkeley. We are attempting to index the majority of the papers available on microfilm in the Santa Barbara Public Library, for the time period 1868-1880. This hopefully will fill in the gaps of the incomplete records at the Santa Barbara County Court House, and give additional information on some individuals, which will be of help to those looking for clues to their ancestor's activities or whereabouts in the 1870's in this city.

Though the only way to get to town was via a steamship or overland coach, this was an interesting period of growth and development in the city. The movement to make the town an official city, the building of the wharf by Mr. Stearns, the development of Mr. Lobero's Theater and the installation of gaslights and sidewalks are found noted in the early 1870's. I found a lovely description of the town in the Sept 28, 1872 issue of "The Santa Barbara Index".

"Santa Barbara is at present prospering. People are continually moving in, drawn hither by the fine climate and beautiful surroundings. The principal features of interest here, are the town itself, especially the Spanish or adobe part of it, the Roman Catholic Mission, the beach with its 12 miles of hard sand, the Warm Sulphur Springs, and the big vine, nearly as large as a man's body. One good hotel was built last year, another is now building, and the third is projected. Three nice boarding houses too, are in successful operation. The town has a fine public school, graded into five divisions and a college yet in his infancy, but intended to be a first-class institution, a public library and three papers. It has four protestant churches - Congregational, Episcopal, Presbyterian, Methodist, and a population of more than ordinary intelligence and culture".

The extractions are listed 2 ways. The INDEX is a one-line listing, alphabetically, of all the names extracted, with a code for the type of notice, a brief description of the notice, and the newspaper source where it was found. The EXTRACTION SUMMARY gives additional information from the newspaper article or notice, when a * is placed in the INDEX listing.

CODES -for type of notice:

VRB- birth ------------ITEM- article or interesting item

VRM- married --------------LAND- property transaction

VRD- death --------------BIO- biographical information

ACC- accident --------------POL- political item

PRO- probate ------------OBIT- obituary

SOC- social

Abbreviations used:

SB- Santa Barbara ----------SF- San Francisco

dau- daughter ----------signr- signer

LaP- La Patera ----------r.r.- railroad

Ind- Indians ----------LA- Los Angeles

The selection of information to extract was left to the individual extractor, but we faithfully listed all vital statistics, probates and obituaries, and tried to extract anything else which appeared to give information of genealogical interest about individuals. Except in a few cases, we did not list land transactions, occupations listed in commercial ads, or officers of social organizations and town officials. These we felt could be obtained from city directories, county land and property records, naturalization records, homestead data, and other sources. The Family History Library has most of these on microfilm. An interesting item we enclosed is the list of the people that signed the petition for cityhood in 1874.

The Gledhill Library, at the Santa Barbara Historical Museum's Gledhill Library has Santa Barbara Newspapers from 1881, some of them in hard copy. I understand that the 1850 "Gazette" is readable at the Gledhill Library, and the public is welcome to use their facilities.

The codes for the newspapers used in our index and extractions and their microfilm reel numbers at the Santa Barbara City Public Library are:

Code Newspaper Reel #

DN Daily News 1875-1876 21

DP- SB Daily Press 1872-1880 58-71

SP SB Post 1868-1869 3

ST SB Times 1870-1872 7

SD SB Times 8

SW SB Daily Morning Times 1873-74 8

WP SB Weekly Press 1869-1880 17-20

Emily Aasted 1996
Santa Barbara Genealogical Society Member

Extracted by:
Emily Aasted
Barbara Mendoza
Helen Rydell