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March 23, 2017 By: Rosa Avolio
GEDCOM File (What is It & How to Use IT)
Lisa Louise Cook explains GEDCOM files
March 14, 2017 By: Rosa Avolio
Today is Organize Your Home Office Day!
What? You didn't know such a day existed? Well, it does and now is the chance for you to finally get your "genea cave" organized. Here's my philosophy on getting and staying organized when it comes to family history research: why should I waste time looking for "stuff" when I could be looking for my ancestors! Here are some tips, great websites, and bargains to celebrate this special day. Remember - make staying organized a habit all year-round!
March 12, 2017 By: Rosa Avolio
Why are Irish Records so Weird?
Free webinar presented by Legacy Family Tree Webinars
Not all Irish records were destroyed in 1922, but the burning of the Public Record Office in that year did leave an immense gap. As a result, Irish genealogical research has to deal with idiosyncratic, fragmentary and sometimes marginally relevant records in ways that can seem very strange to those used to British, US or Australian sources. In addition, Ireland came late to digitization and has done it unsystematically. To be polite. This talk unravels the ways in which marginal records have become essential for Irish research, and the peculiarities in using them online.  Presented by John Grenham
March 11, 2017 By: Rosa Avolio
SBCGS Webinar Schedule
Don't forget to check our schedule of upcoming webinars
March 10, 2017 By: Rosa Avolio
Irish Records Free
Find My Past is making Irish records available for free March 13-17,2017, click here and start searching, after the free period come to the Sahyun where we have a library subscription for Find My Past.
March 10, 2017 By: Rosa Avolio
Genealogy Guys Podcast
Great information click here:  Genealogy Guys Podcasts
Listen on your computer, or use an iPod or smart phone, easy to subscribe to new episodes.
March 5, 2017 By: Rosa Avolio
31 Days to Better Genealogy
Click here to subscribe to Amy Johnson Crow's 31 Days to Better Genealogy
February 11, 2017 By: Rosa Avolio
What's new at Ancestry
Check out this month's "What's New at Ancestry" presented by Christa Cowan
February 7, 2017 By: Rosa Avolio
Roots Tech comes to you
For those of us that aren't able to attend this ye's Roots Tech in Salt Lake Coty, this is the next best think, live streaming. 
Check it out Here
February 6, 2017 By: Rosa Avolio
Spelling of Names
Whenever I help a new researcher I try to explain that the spelling of names wasn't always as important as it is today, this article says it very well.